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精品国际有限公司 (Quality Products International Limited (QPI Ltd – QPI)通过与其东莞实验室合作,为客户提供一系列优质的产品测试服务。


Parameter Testing method
1. Organic chemical test
Banned Azo Dyes A. Leather/Textile/Polyster    ,  EN14362-1:2003, EN14362-2:2003 and ISO/TS 17234:2003
B. Polyster blended
PCP LMBG § 35 B 82.02-8: 2001, leather, textiles, wood (toys)
PCP, TeCP and TriCP LMBG § 35 B 82.02-8: 2001, leather, textiles, wood (toys)
Formaldehyde ISO14184-1: 1998 for textile
ISO17226 for leather
Disperse dyes DIN 54231: 2005
Disperse dyes and Carcinogenic Dyestuffs DIN 54231: 2005
Navy blue regulation: 2003/3/EC EG-No. 405-665-4 Index no: 611-070-00-2 DIN E NMP 512, 04/2003, Determination with TLC;
TBT, organotin compounds ISO 17353: 2004
Chlorinated carriers (COC test) extraction, GC-MS
Short chain Chlorinated Paraffines, C10-C13 (SCCP) Extraction by organic solvents and quantification through GC-ECD
Odour SNV 195 651, DIN 10955, no food contact
PH value ISO3071 , ISO4045
Phthalates 6 phthalates according to 2005/84/EC
15 phthalates (inhouse method)
22 phthalates (inhouse method)
PAHs (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) ISO 18287: 2006 by GC/MS DIN ISO 18287/ZEK 01-08
NP Extraction wit hexane/acetone, analysis with GC/MS
NPEO Extraction with MeOH/H2O+Ethylacetate, analysis with LC/MS
NP+NPEO Extraction wit hexane/acetone, analysis with GC/MS/Extraction with MeOH/H2O+Ethylacetate, analysis with LC/MS
AP(NP or OP) Extraction wit hexane/acetone, analysis with GC/MS
APEO (NPEO or OPEO) Extraction with MeOH/H2O+Ethylacetate, analysis with LC/MS
AP and APEO in house method
Bisphenol A (BPA) Migration + extraction, GC-MS
PCB Extraction with hexane, Sample clean-up with H2SO4, Analysis with GC/MS
Dimethyl fumarate (DMFu) 2009/251/EC.extracted with organic solvent and analyzed by GC/MS
2. Heavy metal test
Extractable  heavy metals ISO 105 E04 , ICP DIN38406 , ICP
Chromium-VI DIN 53314, leather
Cadmium, total BS EN 1122: 2001, Method B
lead, cadmium, mercury chromium-VI as chromium total Packaging Ordinance, 94/62/EC, DIN V ENV 1122, 04/’95, DIN 38406 E22
Total Pb EPA3050B; 16 CFR 1303 for coating
Extractable  heavy metal content (single element) DIN ENISO 105-E04, determination according to DIN38405 D32
3. Release of nickel by metal objects
Preliminary test (”Rubbing test”) EN12471
Metal or alloy without coating DIN EN 1811
Metal with plastic, paint coating DIN EN 12 472 and EN1811
4. Other items
Flame Retardant TRIS, TEPA, PBB,
DDT(pesticide) Extraction with hexane, Analysis with GC/MS
Triclosan Extraction with Ethylacetate, Analysis with GC/MS
O-phenyl phenol (OPP) Extraction with Hexane/Acetaone, Analysis with GC/MS
Per fluorooctane sulphonic compounds (PFOS) Migration with Ethylacetate, Analysis with LC/MS
Per fluorooctane sulphonic compounds/ perfluorooctanoic acid.(PFOS)/(PFOA) Migration with Ethylacetate, Analysis with LC/MS
Polychlorinated naphthalene (PCNs) Analysis with GC/MS
Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCTs) Analysis with GC/MS
Vinyl chloride monomer Analysis with GC/MS
Asbestos FTIR analysis
BHT Analysis with GC/MS
Biocide finish GC-MS/LC-MS
EN71 Part 3 Migration of 8 heavy metals
Lead + Cadmium + Mercury + Chromium (VI) IEC 111/54/CDV(Project Number: 62321, Ed.1) – Procedures for Determination of Levels of Six Regulated Substances in Electrical Products. SJ/T 11365:2006
Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB)  + Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE)
实验室有德国的Hanse Control 控制和管理。

与送到国外实验室相比,寄样品或试验标本更加快速、方便、便宜, 当然比送去香港实验室也方便!

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